Watching with Closed Eyes

For all those
who, like me, walk through life with
closed eyes and rose-tinted glasses.
I'd like to think of them more like designer
sunglasses that hardly shield my eyes
from the harsh glare of the world,
but make me look fabulous anyway.
If I'm going to go through life
and all it has to throw at me,
I may as well look amazing doing it.
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hey stranger ♥
What brings you here?
I've been trapped here for awhile,
so I could use an ear.
I live for my music and
I am forever a slave to fashion.
When I dream, I dream out loud;
when I speak, I speak to myself.
...and so here we are.

Oh, sorry for late introductions. I'm michelle.

If you're wondering, stop and just ask.
If you want to let me know, go and submit it.

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watermelon cake :)

watermelon cake :)

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